Saturday, 21 May 2016

Greening the home

It's been a revelation to see the greening of homes again. It's interesting how these trends come and go. Also accompanying this trend, macrame once popular in the 70's, considered hideous in the 90's and popping back in the 2010's. 

And then there are the more trusty easy-to-grow succulents  back in vogue as well as prickly cacti. I prefer succulents as I've had too many nasty encounters with cacti to merit their gracing my spaces. Also succulents can make attractive and versatile table settings without taking up too much space on a small table. 

How are you enjoying your indoor plants?

House plant-wise in my home, I like to have herbs in my kitchen to snip off garnishes for my dishes. I've noticed though that you have to watch the bugs don't multiply uncontrollably and I don't like to spray. So it's a case of washing the foliage or removing bugs manually. 

I am struggling to get my Phalaenopsis orchid to flower indoors. It bloomed for three consecutive years and then stopped in the last two. What do I need to do? I tried reducing the watering, increasing the watering, re-potting, changing its spot in the room, talking to it - the whole caboodle - but no response. Although I have to say it hasn't curled up its lovely leathery leaves yet! Perhaps there's hope? 

Any ideas would be grateful received.  

Happy indoor gardening to my southern hemisphere friends and happy outdoor planting to my northern ones!

Claudia x

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