Saturday, 30 November 2013

Ink and colour

A trip to the art gallery to spend the day lino cutting and printing proved a rewarding way to spend a day.

A blank page stared back at us at our work benches and thankfully some warm-up exercises viewing and sketching artworks in the gallery for inspiration, freed up the creative juices. We made the first cut and printed the base colour. But pulling my first print was rather disappointing. I figured though that there is always a plan B and incidental results of creative efforts often bring new delights.

moana & bird

My inspiration was Stephen Bambury's Red/Black/White - a square that inspired me. Being a lover of all things font, I decided to create a koru/lower case letter 'a' with the four colours. But this proved abysmally unsuccessful and so I started picking away at the lino surrounds. By the time I layered the second colour,  it seemed a bird head emerged out of the chiselled shapes. Totally unplanned but a 'relief' there was some design emerging. Entitled moana & bird (moana = ocean). Can you spot the vestige of an 'a'?

Drying creations and a room filled with happy printers.

Saturday, 2 November 2013

Mati Rose class, signed and sealed

So excited as I have just registered for  Mati Rose McDonough's daring adventures in paint and life online course. I mentioned Mati Rose's book in an earlier post after coming across it at my local library.

So looking forward to doing her course after Christmas. I was blown away to see her offer a course online and for such a reasonable price. Her paintings are whimsical and fun and her use of colour fresh and light.

Will need to sharpen my pencils and clean my brushes...