Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Planthunting inspiration

A mindfulness  activity for me is being out in my garden where so easily I can spend hours pottering around, pulling out weeds, moving plants around or simply listening to the sounds of the garden. "I am a lucky woman" as Mma Precious  Ramotswe of the No. 1 Detective Agency always tells her readers. Lucky to have the luxury of time and space to 'just be' in this peaceful place over the weekend in my spare time. Lucky to be able to sit down with a cuppa and dream of what I would do if I had the energy (my ideas involve a lot of landscaping!).

As I sit and sip my tea, I reflect on my gardening influences. There are two people who come to mind. My aunt Dibbs, and her mother-in-law, Granny Mary.

Granny Mary lived in a cottage perched on huge granite boulders with a secret path winding down between massive rocks, to the beach. At high tide the path would be impassable as the icy water  raced up the narrow channel and splashed against the rocks. Granny Mary's steep section meant that she had various 'rooms' nestled in amongst the boulders with a series of paths winding between and through the garden rooms. Sweet fragrances would envelope you as you meandered along the footpath while stepping lightly over the abundant perennials and flowering bulbs proudly displayed on their elegant stems. A terraced rockery was traversed by a narrow path that zigzagged its way to the top.

Garden ornaments to delight any child, including gnomes, fairies and bird baths were plentiful and scattered throughout, presenting surprises around every corner. A total wonderland to play in as wind chimes gently filled the hazy ocean air and competed with the restless ocean bashing against the rocks as the tide came in.

Sadly, I do not have a photograph of her lovely garden, but it will be forever imprinted in my mind. It is what I reference for garden design ideas. Little curved paths carved into flower beds, with a feature at the end. A garden chair placed so that you can be immersed in the garden  to sit and ponder or just sit. A bowl of water for the birds (or cat!) to drink from.

My other influence, was my lovely aunt, Dibbs, who sowed the seeds of goodness and kindness and helped me grow my approach to life. She stepped in when I lost my mother at a young age and treated me like her own. I do not know where my life would have lead were it not for the love and generosity she gave selflessly. I hope I am able to spread a mere glimmer of the joy and goodness she caste over me, which makes me a happy, and not only, a "lucky woman".

Have a great week x