Sew what!

"The owl and the pussycat went to sea in a beautiful pea-green boat.
They took some money and plenty of honey, wrapped up in a five pound note..." Edward Lear

Two simple sewing projects for young children aged 8+. My first starter sewing kit - an owl and a pussycat.

My daughter created an owl when she was 10 (above left). We slipped a  lavender pouch inside before sewing it up. She puts the owl on her pillow each night and insists that it helps her get to sleep  ;)

De-clutter and re-purpose

The council's inorganic collection will be coming soon to my area and so I took the opportunity of sorting through the garage. I found some evenly cut planks of wood- good quality hard wood- rimu. A few years ago we turned a rimu wine storage shelf unit into a coffee table on wheels and we were left with these rectangular slabs. I decided to turn them into signs to sell in my craft stall.

Below are some photos and instructions. Fun and easy to do and in no time, old wood, new life.

Planks of rimu abaondoned in the garage...
...covered in white paint.

Sanded down to a rough and rustic finish. 

Attached wire and screws to hang the sign (my finished sign was done horizontally, not vertically like this one).



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