Saturday, 4 November 2017

Bumping into debris: The 2017 100 Days Project

The 2017 100 days project has been my most enjoyable yet. It’s the third one I have completed and was an enlightening trip down a creative path of collage.  This recent project helped me change the way I approached my making. It enabled a bolder creative expression, connecting the written word with the visual and moving my work into the realm of abstract. My drawing style became less deliberate and loose. It was totally liberating.

Experimentation with materials, included dragging an old credit card through smears of inks and acrylics, creating  merged coloured textures and when dry, tearing it up into strips. Old, discarded library index cards provided backgrounds. Words on index cards that caught my attention, provided inspiration. So did current events that at times, triggered an idea for a title or design with the result that behind every collage, lies a story. Nothing was out of bounds and I even repurposed some of my previous 100 days project drawings.

Embracing imprecise lines, words and colour, was a new direction for me. There was no plan, only a response to what lay around and what my eyes fell upon. Akin to a flowing stream, I drifted in the current and let it sweep me along. As I  bumped into debris, another possibility, another combination, emerged. I came to know what being in the moment is. I know that now. I never want to give it up.
The best thing about the 100 days project was the anticipation of creating and the process of making. My favourite moment was when I blended the pieces of the collage and the composition coalesced. There were times that is it didn’t and a preconceived idea wouldn’t gel. It was best to leave it to reveal itself.
The worst thing about the 100 days project was fitting it into the hectic-ness of life and at times, having no time or energy to get things done. But such is life and I didn’t beat myself up about it.

Posting to Instagram daily was such a buzz and I am so grateful for all the likes and kind words of encouragement. It really helped me keep going. So my heart is full of appreciation. Thank you.

I would love to hear from you about any ideas for me to consider next time round. Claudia x