Sunday, 6 December 2015

Bath tea

There is something satisfying about making home-made gifts. Simple ideas can be really effective.

One such example is making bath tea bags. A simple treat to throw in the bath to make it feel and smell more luxuriant.

What you'll need is:

Dried lavender rubbings - large handful
Dried rose petals - large handful
Dried calendula petals - handful
Dried rosemary - small handful

Thin cotton or muslin cut into 6 rounds the size of a side plate.

You'll also need:

Coarse sea salt 6 TBS
*Epsom salts 3 TBS
**Baking soda 1 TBS
Essential oil (5 - 6 drops) 

Mix all ingredients In a large bowl.
Spoon a TBS into the centre of a cut muslin cloth
[*Epsom salts is useful for soothing tired muscles and **baking soda, softens the water and helps to relieve skin irritation.]

Tie up securely with string and store the bags in a sealable container. 
When you draw a bath, drop a bath tea bag into the water and enjoy.

Wrapped and ready for the tree!

My Steller Story for making bath tea has been featured - So exciting- thank you @Stellerstories! 

Saturday, 5 December 2015

Winner of #thegatheredandfoundseries IG competition

The results are in for #thegatheredandfoundseries and a winner is chosen! A common theme I can see is that all pics feature elements from nature, the best place to find inspiration!

Well done to @flojoro123 for being selected as the winning entry. (Please DM Tasha on IG with your address so you can receive the beautiful "Oceans necklace".)

Here is what Tasha Wakefield, from Spindrift Collections and who crafted the 'Oceans Necklace' prize, had to say about her choice. 

"It was an extremely hard decision as the entries were all so beautiful, but this one stood out for me. I love the beautiful composition, colours and stillness. It's a wonderful picture and one that instantly caught me eye."

These  entries are some of Tasha's other favourites.

"I loved this one as the natural colours were so fresh and festive and I can almost smell the tea looking at the picture." @ehpyle 

"I love this picture, it's a wonderful composition and I adore the beach finds and muted colours". @petalplum 

"This picture really put me in the festive spirit - again I loved the natural colour palette and use of the lovely sparkling fairy lights." @kim_swanson

"I enjoyed this beautiful flatlay with carefully selected and placed natural items" @annld60

"This one, I enjoyed the beautiful natural festive composition". @bymeeni

Thanks to everyone who joined in #thegatheredandfoundseries and a Big Thank You to Tasha for her exquisitely crafted prize, the "Ocean's Necklace" and for selecting the winner. Head over to Tasha's website Spindrift Collections to see more of her stunning work and the places you can find her. 

- Claudia x