Friday, 8 August 2014

Botanical beauty

Mail arrived this week from Georgina Reid (Head Hunter founder and editor) of the online magazine The Planthunter Life. With Plants. Georgina's classy magazine celebrates the connections between plants and people.

A few months ago Georgina ran an Instacomp with her issue 8 theme of the theme of Poetry. She collaborated with the jeweller, Carolyn Barker, to offer this beautiful piece of jewellery as the prize.

It is a hand-made copper pendant with a botanical theme- a gingko leaf and is from Carolyn's 'fallen leaves' series. Carolyn is based in Queensland, Australia and developed the series as a result of a crowd funded project. Carolyn was inspired to create the botanically inspired pieces after spotting sun tinted leaves adorning a sandcastle on a beach after an evening swim. 

More on Carolyn's amazingly beautiful jewellery can be found on her website.

Of course the lure of winning this gorgeous pendant inspired me to write a poem. And being a lover of the botanical and really wanting to win, I simply couldn't resist, so not one but two entries.

Here are my two attempts and corresponding pics.

{ode to the gingko}

no flowers
only  golden beauty
stolen  by winter
when naked branches secretly
nurture new life

{ode to the manuka}

your fragile blossoms 
belie the healing elixir 
of your gifts, uplifted 
and woven by tiny creatures 
into sweet, golden treasures

Manuka is a New Zealand tea tree used by local bees to make delicious honey goodness.

And here the beauty that arrived this week! Joy is me and thanks to both Georgina and Carolyn!