Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Perfectly imperfect

Finding beauty in the imperfect can be liberating. For some thoughtful musings on perfection in the imperfection in art and life, visit the Pachamma blog that eloquently explains philosophies in Japanese art and how to embrace the imperfect. This concept really resonates with me, so when I encountered Amanda Holland's Perfectly Imperfect living website, it gelled and provided the catalyst for a collaboration

Amanda @smallacornsamanda, who owns Small Acorns  and is the judge for #theperfectlyimpefectseries IG competition, has made her selection. From her blog and IG posts I know how Amanda loves flowers and the rustic, so it's not surprising to see that her selected winner and  four special mentions all have botanicals and a vintage vibe as a theme. 

Drum roll please .... our winner is: @jannelford Well done Janne, it is a beautiful capture and a picture of simplicity.
Amanda says of Janne's photo

"I adore everything about this image - the beautiful magnolia branch in the rustic, simple bucket; the fact that it’s still flowering, but also dropping from the branch at the same time; the chippy tabletop; the lovely handmade bowl adding a little contemporary freshness into the vintage mix. A little pink and the soft light. Simple, and perfectly imperfect all at the same time." 

Some special mentions go to the following entries in no particular order:

"I love the contrast between the appealingly rusty tins and the lush freshness of the just picked basil. Perfectly imperfect on every level."

"What’s not to love about a huge huge bunch of blush pink roses that are just on the turn - that point where the petals drop but still look plump and soft, and the fragrance is intoxicating. Nature at her perfectly imperfect best."
"I love using vintage items in unexpected ways, and using wonderful old trophies as vases gives them a whole new lease of life. And the hydrangeas are that gorgeous green and just on the fringe of perfect - not yet dry, but no longer lush either. Beautiful!"
"The beautiful mood captured is stunning; I adore the hydrangeas which have the perfect antique feel to go with the old zinc wash basin, and the wooden spool of torn linen is magical. Truly beautiful."

Thank you all for your entries and playing along and a huge thanks to Amanda for judging and providing the lovely prize(s!). Until next time, see on Instagram. Claudia x


  1. all of them are stellar compositions - the height of loveliness - due in part to their imperfections...great series Claudia!

  2. Life is full of imperfections. Pleased you enjoyed it Amy , I loved this series too! Hope your market goes well - Claudia x