Tuesday, 4 September 2012

A stitch in time

Weekends are a time for me catch up with chores (ugh!), spend time with family and friends (like!), and if I plan things well, there may even be time for a little creativity.

I get my inspiration from one of my favourite homewares stylists - Sania Pell. She brings a fresh and quirky take on everyday items by pulling them together in simple toned palettes and harmonius layouts. Visit her blog at http://www.saniapell.com/athomeblog/

Sania also has some great crafting ideas. This is a little project I did one weekend after seeing her book. I used remnants of fabric and recycled a cushion cover. A kind of applique.

I used a similar idea to make another cushion. The leaves in the design below are embroidered around the edge.

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